Managed domestic share

Since 1900, the South African equity market has been one of the world’s most successful, generating a return of 7.2% (after inflation) per annum. This ranks among the highest in the world. Over the last 16 years the JSE averaged a remarkable net real return of 8.2% per annum.*


A managed share portfolio enables individuals, trusts and companies to invest cost-effectively in JSE-listed companies. Every portfolio is tailored to the investor’s unique profile.


Standard Bank Group Securities (SBGS) provides the platform VEGA uses to manage domestic share portfolios. SBGS is a JSE member and VEGA clients enjoy all JSE guarantees in this regard. SBGS is renowned for the high quality of their research, effective administration and internet platform.

* Source: Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2017 – p.41




Managed international share portfolios

Of all the US firms listed in 1900, more than 80% of their value was in industries that are today small or extinct. The world and the global investment arena are transforming rapidly. Are your investments structured to participate in these growth opportunities?


A direct international share portfolio offers -

  • Exposure to pioneering growth sectors otherwise unavailable to South African investors such as cybersecurity, electric vehicles, virtual reality, biotech, etc
  • Shareholding in international stalwarts, for example Apple, FedEx, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Novartis, Roche, Visa and Walt Disney
  • Hedging against local political and socio-economic uncertainty

The investment platform and accounts are administered by either Swissquote or Credit Suisse. Investors have free live internet access to their international portfolios.


All portfolios are managed by VEGA Asset Management.


Minimum portfolio amount:
Credit Suisse USD 200 000
Swissquote USD 100 000




Regulation 28 compliant private share portfolios

VEGA Asset Management has an agreement with Sanlam Private Investments and Glacier regarding “private share portfolios (PSP)”. In a nutshell, a PSP allows a client to convert and invest his / her pension fund or provident fund and / or retirement annuities in a tailored share portfolio. These portfolios are managed in accordance with Regulation 28 of the Pension Fund Act.


Advantages of a Regulation 28 private share portfolio –

  • Cost-effective structure regarding platform and management fees
  • Insight into the construction and management of the portfolio
  • Transparency – what you see is what you hold

Glacier, a subsidiary of Sanlam, administers the PSPs.